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Macdo reduction

Register To Reply, 04:21 PM #12 re: Data reduction macro Yes see my previous post.
Also is there any way to have a manual input option to enter the amount of reduction?
These include operations such as global summations, global maximums and minimums, and global logicals.
10:27 AM #1, data reduction macro, hi everyone, Im hoping that with the vast amount of knowledge on this forum I can get some help with my particular problem.The result can then be assigned to another variable (such as y as shown in the following example.The global sum is of type float when booking com voucher code june 2018 running a single precision version of ansys Fluent and type double when running the double precision version.PRF_grhigh(x,N,iwork The maximum value for each value over all the compute nodes is found here The elements of x on each compute node now hold the same maximum values over all the compute nodes for temperature, pressure, density, etc. .Each of the global reduction macros discussed in the following sections has two different versions: one takes a single variable argument, while the other takes a variable array.Register To Reply, 10:37 AM #2 re: Data reduction macro, please, login or Register to view this content.This data needs to be graphed for the customer.The suffixes AND and OR identify global logicals.Register To Reply, 01:08 PM #5 re: Data reduction macro, originally Posted by shg, assuming the data is in text files, it would only take a few lines of code to read every Nth line into a workbook.Thank you for the reply, idée de cadeau anniversaire homme I should have specified that I'm actually graphing in 2-D, temperature and pressure vs time.To read the.lvm file: Please Login or Register to view this content.
The variable data types for each macro are identified in the macro name, where R denotes real data types, I denotes integers, and L denotes logicals.

Register To Reply, 01:02 PM #4 re: Data reduction macro, assuming the data is in text files, it would only take a few lines of code to read every Nth line into a workbook.PRF_gihigh1 and PRF_gihigh compute the global maximum of integer variables and integer variable arrays, respectively.For example, the macro PRF_gihigh(x,N,iwork) expands to a function that computes the maximum of each element of the array x over all the compute nodes, uses the array iwork for temporary storage, and modifies array x by replacing each element with its resulting global maximum.PRF_glor(x,N,iwork) computes the global logical OR of variable array.1.4.09, samsung Electronics., Ltd.Since excel is limited to 32000 points for graphing I would like to reduce the data.Alternatively, PRF_grsum(x,N,iwork) computes the global sum of a float variable array for single precision and double when running double precision. .For example, the macro PRF_gihigh1(x) expands to a function that takes one argument x and computes the maximum of the variable x among all of the compute nodes, and returns.Global Reduction Macros, global reduction operations are those that collect data from all of the compute nodes, and reduce the data to a single value, or an array of values.Thank you so much for the lightening fast reply.X1 the maximum pressure, x2 the maximum density, etc.The function does not return a value.Register To Reply, 02:47 PM #6 re: Data reduction macro It is just a text file?
Thank you, I will try that code when I go back to work on Monday.

The elements of x are set to true if all of the corresponding elements on the compute nodes are true. .