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Boss Corridor : Each of the main stages has a breather room containing a checkpoint and hidden food before the boss.
Wearing it throws sparkles with every move, turns your jumps into flips, and even allows you to nail the landing when using transportation catapults.The Flying Machine section adds a wind that steadily pushes Shovel Knight back.Hat (sanguine and Phantom Striker (melancholic).It has greenish clouds within the background and greenish rain during some of the segments.Due to the fact he's sitting in a bar in the main game, it means he'll inevitably lose his fight with King Knight.It's never explained what became of The Enchantress.Art Evolution : Plague Knight and Specter Knight both have promo art that looks much more consistent with their playable appearances (Plague Knight looks shorter and his "beak" is smaller, whilst Specter Knight's armor now has gauntlets).Heads I Win, Tails You Lose : The fights against Shovel Knight within Plague of Shadows are this, as right after you've beaten him, he'll perform a surprise attack that knocks Plague Knight unconscious.All while an eerie music plays, raising the tension.A lot more tasks you complete, the faster you earn rewards.He reassures her that he barely saw anything and that he's not a creep, but mentions that dancing by yourself doesn't seem very réduction avis visa premier fun.It is entirely possible to chip away the last bit of a platform you were standing on and fall to your own self-inflicted death.The Goo Garment, one of the cloaks you can grab in Plague of Shadows, allows you to bounce off walls and do a rolling attack in the air that's otherwise only usable when using the Spin Burst.King of Cards examples Ascended Extra : The Propeller Rats, originally simple enemies in a handful of areas, seem to now be a key part of the gameplay, as seen with a bunch of them lifting King Knight into a higher area.Stealth Pun : The challenge "Grave Robber" requires Plague Knight to collect all the money hidden in an area that is built as a loop, in contrast to more linear challenge stages.
You can ease the difficulty of New Game by a whole lot.
Propeller Knight will call for a backup airship that will keep firing cadeau a moins de 10 cannonballs to destroy parts of his boss arena while limiting Shovel Knight's movement.

Kratos and the Battletoads are this as well.Anti-Villain : The Black Knight only attacked Shovel Knight and Plague Knight to protect Shield Knight.Similarly, jumping off the Tower of Fate hub area as Specter Knight will return you to the balcony and have the Dark Acolyte tell you to be careful.Awesome, yet Impractical : Titan Mode, which turns Shovel Knight into a giant.An alternative code gives him the special wall jump, but lets him keep his normal, red palette as a reference to Zero.The Unfought : Since the campaign is a prequel to the main story and Plague of Shadows that focuses on the Enchantress recruiting the Order of No Quarter, Shovel Knight doesn't even appear, much less serve as a boss battle.Additionally, he can hit enemies below him by using a fishing rod or a Throwing Anchor.Monochrome Past : Specter Knight's flashbacks are done in sepia.Plague Knight's campaign, Plague of Shadows, launched in fall 2015, while Specter Knight's campaign, Specter of Torment, was released in spring 2017.Some of them will offer you their sincere thanks for.Shovel Knight is completely invincible, even to spikes and Bottomless Pits, and he also gains a massive speed boost in his movement, can jump extremely high, and starts with all relics with each having infinite uses.Using the Rail Mail to grind while he's nearby causes him to stop in his tracks, turn to face you, and watch in slack-jawed amazement.
Special mention goes to Treasure Knight, who will raise his diving helmet to eat something, although it still won't show his face.

Canis Latinicus : The Explodatorium.
If you do so, he'll occasionally restock Plague Knight's Tonics for free.
Black Knight's second theme takes this further, as a remix of both the first level theme and the game's main theme.